Little Stars Preschool
c/o Yarlside Primary School
Redoak Avenue
LA13 0LH

Claire Porter (Manager):

07938 552 805

General Information

All Little Stars policies and procedures are displayed for viewing in the entrance to the portacabin or on request from the manager at all times.


Equal Opportunities

We aim to provide a positive play experience for all children attending Little Stars regardless of race, gender, ability or cultural background, promoting awareness and challenging discrimination.

Child Protection

If Little Stars suspect that a child may be at risk they have a duty to ensure that the appropriate action is taken according to the Local Authority Child Protection guidelines and follow their Protection policy to the full.

Health and Safety

Little Stars aims to ensure that sessions take place in a safe, healthy environment supporting the child's right to play without the fear of being hurt. On the eventuality that an accident occurs all staff have been on Children's First Aid courses and will follow the procedures which are set down in our policies.

Details of any accidents will be recorded and parents/carers informed either by phone if necessary or on collection.

Staff Ratios

Ratios of adults to children will be maintained in accordance with the guidelines laid down by OFSTED Registration and Inspection Unit. At present we are able to take up to 24 children per session, with correct staffing in attendance at all times.


At Little Stars we will actively encourage and reinforce desirable behaviour and unacceptable behaviour will be discouraged and challenged.


Little Stars have adopted a NO SMOKING policy on the premises inside and outside and definitely not in front of any child.


In compliance with the Policies of Yarlside Academy parents/carers of children attending Little Stars must not use the school car park or park/stop on the zig-zag lines outside of the school grounds.


Little Stars have adopted a uniform but is not compulsory although we find it beneficial to parents for maintaining the child's good clothing and giving the child opportunities of not being frightened of getting messy.

Lunch Time Provision

All children attending Little Stars will eat their lunch in the portacabin accompanied by Little Stars staff. The children can either bring their own packed lunches or you can order a school dinner from the main reception within Yarlside Academy for a fee of approximately £2.20 per dinner (subject to change at the discretion of the school), this is a payment made to the school and not to Little Stars. The dinner menu is available from our manager, Claire Porter, and she will be able to give you the necessary information should you wish to discuss this further.


Little Stars provides an open snack bar where the children can independently help themselves when they feel the need to. Children's diets, allergies and religious beliefs will always be taken into consideration when snacks are being chosen and provided throughout the week.

A fruit rota is in operation which the parents place their name on for one day per week.


We are self financing and rely on regular fundraising events in order to operate successfully. We know you will understand the need to hold successful fundraising events and hope you will give us your support.

We do apply for grants whenever possible to improve facilities and have been very successful in attaining money to improve our outside playground and updating our cultural resources.


Claire Porter and Stephen Wills