Little Stars Preschool
c/o Yarlside Primary School
Redoak Avenue
LA13 0LH

Claire Porter (Manager):

07938 552 805


To allow for the smooth running of our organisation we ask that parents/carers abide by the following set of rules/guidelines:

    1. Please do not bring your child earlier than 5 minutes before start time, as your child will not be covered by our insurance.


    1. At the end of each session we ask that you try to arrive punctually to collect your child so that they do not become distressed. Don't worry if you are delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, we will wait a short time, then try to contact you on the emergency phone number given.


    1. If you have arranged for someone other than yourself to collect your child, please inform a member of staff at the beginning of the session. Please tell us who the person is (name and relationship) and if possible introduce them to staff. Please make sure your child is informed.


    1. Weekly fees must be paid in full on your child's first session each week. (Monthly payments are acceptable). We also accept child care vouchers, nursery grants for 2, 3 and 4 year olds, both providing the 15/30 hours per week which can be implemented as you wish, i.e., mornings/afternoons.


    1. Fees must be paid for all missed sessions unless your child is in hospital. We hope you understand that rent and running costs still need to be met and our budget is very tight.


    1. Please dress your child in suitable clothes that will not be ruined by paint and glue etc. We encourage children to wear aprons for messy activities, but accidents can and do happen. It may be worth investing in our optional school uniform, which can be purchased from Identity at very reasonable prices. If your child does get messy, it means they've had a lovely time.


    1. If you no longer require your child's place at preschool please notify our manager as soon as possible.


    1. If any member of staff suspects abuse or neglect in a child it will only be discussed with members of staff who have contact with that child. The authorities will be notified. This rule applies to all preschool groups in accordance with guidelines in the Child Act relating to all carers of children. Matters are dealt with in strict confidence. Alternatively, if you suspect any member of staff of abuse or neglect you should contact the preschool manager. If you feel unable to do so you should contact OFSTED:
      • Enquiries      0300 123 1231


    1. We ask that parents do not allow children to bring in toys of a violent nature e.g. swords, guns etc.


    1.  At every session each child is provided with a drink of milk, water or juice. Fruit is provided on a rota system by parents. (Please see notice board) We run an open snack bar as already mentioned.


    1. Please do not give your child sweets or snacks to eat in preschool.


    1. We run a parents/carers rota. We ask that if a parent cannot attend the rota session, a nominated friend, grandparent etc could fill the session for them. Please notify staff if this is a problem.


    1. Please label all coats, hats and scarves with your child's name.


  1. If you have any concerns or complaints please speak to our manager. We ask that any discussions are kept until the end of sessions, when we have most time to talk or an appointment be made at a time best for both parties. We want to help and always make ourselves available to discuss issues.